Top Surgery: Getting Started

Cosmetic surgery at its best is a means of achieving the vision of your most authentic self. When the person you see in the mirror finally matches the one you have conceived of in your mind’s eye, there is a feeling of indescribable wholeness and peace. For those who desire gender reassignment, this transformation can be especially poignant, as it results in the psychological and social well-being so integral to a happy, productive life. The first surgical step often taken is cosmetic breast surgery, either as a breast augmentation with implants for trans-women or removal of the breast tissue as a TOPS procedure for transmen.

In either case, Dr. Capizzi, a double board certified plastic surgeon with almost 20 years of successful results, offers discreet, informed recommendations based on the latest, most groundbreaking techniques. He is a proud supporter of the trans community, and is honored to assist his patients on this exciting journey.

Your top surgery begins with a confidential consultation with Dr. Capizzi, during which he will answer your questions, listen to your hopes and concerns, take your current measurements and review your medical history. You will be introduced to the doctor’s friendly and caring staff, who will be on hand to support you throughout all phases of your surgery. These kind, highly trained individuals will go above and beyond your expectations to facilitate an outstanding patient experience.

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