Breast Reconstruction

Breast cancer is one of the most difficult and life-changing illnesses a woman will ever face. A mastectomy is usually performed by doctors as a last resort and can be devastating, as breasts are universally recognized symbols of femininity and motherhood. Emotions can be overwhelming when considering breast reconstruction, yet grief quickly gives way to hope and healing through this amazing, cutting-edge procedure, given the right surgeon.

From the start of his career, Dr. Capizzi has distinguished himself as a leader in championing the newest breakthroughs in the breast reconstruction arena. His remarkable skill and ingenuity in tackling this most challenging, complicated procedure has earned him the honor of being chosen as a partner by NC’s leading general surgeons. Dr. Capizzi is part of a comprehensive team of hospital-based physicians, who together have dedicated their practices to achieving spectacular, game-changing results for survivors of breast cancer.

Other types of breast reconstruction surgeries:

In certain circumstances, breast reconstruction may be employed to correct congenital breast asymmetry, hypoplasia (underdevelopment) or absence, and Dr. Capizzi is the ideal choice for these demanding procedures. While women represent the largest group of reconstruction patients, Dr. Capizzi also treats men with contour deformities, achieving excellent outcomes.

Types of reconstruction:

During your initial consultation with Dr. Capizzi, he will outline every option available to you, going into great detail in order to give you the clearest and most accurate expectations. Each patient is unique, and Dr. Capizzi will customize his entire surgical plan to ensure you achieve the miraculous results you deserve.

Two Stage Expander and Implant Reconstruction is the most common preferred method nationwide.

Breast implants — saline, traditional round silicone or Gummy Bears — are used in reconstruction, and Dr. Capizzi has honed his skill in this area to perfection. The doctor works with tissue expanders, which are placed at the time of mastectomy. These revolutionary devices allow the body to generate excess skin that can be used to enhance the new breasts. A deflated silicone balloon expander inserted into the treatment area is gradually filled with saltwater, stretching the skin and preserving symmetry. At a separate appointment 2-3 weeks later, implants are inserted and the expander removed. Over the last few years, Dr. Capizzi’s expertise and attention to detail, have allowed him to often times just place an implant into the breast immediately following surgery, with no need for expanders.

Before & After

Take a gander at Dr. Capizzi’s before and after photos, giving you a visual representation of his stunning results.

Two types of tissue flap procedures:

During breast reconstruction, there is also an option to use tissue from another part of the body such as the waist or back to form the new breasts. This is called ‘autologous tissue flap’ reconstruction, and is often chosen when a patient has undergone radiation, which may prohibit the introduction of implants.

The TRAM (Transverse Rectus Abdominis Myocutaneous) Flap:

This involves transferring tissue from the abdomen, and it can be a great choice when a woman also desires a tummy tuck in conjunction with her reconstruction surgery. Dr. Capizzi has constructed over 500 tram flaps since 2001, and can advise on whether this is the ideal solution for you. The procedure takes around 3-4 hours and requires an overnight stay in the hospital.

The Latissimus Dorsi Flap:

This is where tissue from the back is employed to create a new breast mound, and can be highly effective in creating volume and suppleness in the newly constructed breast when used in conjunction with implants. The procedure takes approximately 4 hours total, and requires an overnight stay at the hospital. Often Dr. Capizzi will choose to combine the Latissimus Dorsi Flap procedure with tissue expanders for a hybrid approach.

Surgical scaffolding:

Galaflex, Vicryl, and Seri scaffolding are constructed from rarified, biodegradable mesh that fuses with the body’s organic tissue to provide sturdiness and support for breast implants. Seri actually strengthens the body’s natural fibers, and can be used to correct abnormalities and complement the breast reconstruction process. As an innovator and ever-evolving practitioner seeking the latest medical advances, Dr. Capizzi is one of the first surgeons to introduce these products to the Charlotte communities.

Today, Dr. Capizzi performs more direct implant reconstruction after nipple sparing mastectomies (NSM), than any other type of breast reconstruction. Refined technique, access to the finest implants, a relationship with an excellent surgical oncologist, the most natural life-like breast reconstruction is a possibility.