Breast Implant Sizes

So, you’re thinking about getting breast implants. Maybe you have a vision in mind of how you’d look with breast implants, and you’ve probably discussed the topic with a friend or family member. This is a great start. However, for the most successful experience, and to get the results you want, it’s important to take the time to do some research and familiarize yourself breast implant sizes offered at Capizzi, M.D. so that you can know exactly what to expect.

Know Your Goal

The most important thing to consider is your motivation for having the surgery, and the goal you would like to achieve with breast implants. Some of the common reasons women consider breast augmentation are:

  • To restore lost breast volume following breast-feeding or significant weight loss
  • To make breasts larger or more proportionate to your body
  • To feel more attractive.

At Capizzi, M.D. we recommend Sientra, Allergan, and Mentor implants for our patients. Dr. Capizzi has placed over 8,000 of these FDA-approved implants and aids in ongoing research for these devices. All companies offer a full catalog of implant options and Dr. Capizzi is very familiar with the results of your chosen implant.

Here are the most common considerations to make for your implant choice:


There are two fill options for breast implants: saline and silicone. There are obvious differences between the two:

Saline implants rely on saline (saltwater) and are filled at the time of surgery via a small incision that results in a small scar. Saline implants tend not to feel as natural as their silicone counterparts.

Silicone Gel implants (also called Gummy Bear implants) come pre-filled and contain a cohesive gel that helps prevent the silicone from migrating. These implants tend to feel and look more natural than saline implants. Because they come prefilled, silicone gel implants need longer incisions (2 to 2.5 inches) that are discreetly placed within one’s own bra crease. Dr. Capizzi has placed over 3,750 Gummy Bear implants.


The shape of a breast implant refers to the shape of the implant itself. There are two general implant shapes, which also come in many different sizes: shaped (also called teardrop) and round. Shaped implants have more of a slope and less fullness in the upper part of the implant, to mimic the natural contours of the breast and produce a natural result. All shaped implants have a textured surface. Round implants provide the upper breast with the most volume and can still yield natural results when paired with the correct body type and volume. Smooth, round implants are our most popular implant choice.


A breast implant profile (also called projection) refers to how far the implant projects from your body. There are three profile choices:

High profile implants give ample projection because of their narrow width and small base. They can be great for increasing cleavage and some lift but they can be firmer feeling than the other profile options.

Moderate profile implants (a.k.a. “Moderate Plus” depending on the implant manufacturer) are considered universally flattering and don’t create excessive width on the sides of the breast.

Low profile implants have minimal projection so the breasts don’t stick out too much from the chest. This choice can be great for those with wider chests.


One of the dimensions of a breast implant is volume, measured in cubic centimeters (also referred to as cc’s), not bra cup size. Determining the appropriate implant volume for your body is an important step in choosing the correct implant. The smallest volume offered is 160cc. A good rule of thumb to remember is that it usually takes 200cc to increase breasts one cup size.

Dr. Capizzi’s Hybrid Breast Augmentation includes using 200cc Gummy Bear implants along with fat grafting along the transition which makes the implant almost imperceptible for a truly natural look and feel. By using a smaller implant volume, Dr. Capizzi can enhance breast shape and size in the most natural way possible.

Incision Site

  • Inframammary (Bra Crease)
    This incision is the most common worldwide as it allows the least amount of trauma to the breast tissue, nerves, and ducts. An incision made under your breast in the crease where it meets the body. If you need surgery in the future, your existing scar can be used.
  • Periareolar
    An incision made around the nipple. The scar associated with this incision usually blends into the color transition of your areola.
  • Transaxillary
    An incision made in the armpit to create a pocket so your implant doesn’t sit too high. You would be virtually scar-free on and around your breast. But if revision surgery is necessary, you may need a secondary incision to remove or replace your implant.

Implant Placement

There are two options for implant placement: under the chest muscle (submuscular) or above the muscle and below the breast glands (submammary). Placement is very important depending on your desired goals. Dr. Capizzi will recommend the best placement site based on the characteristics of your breast tissue. His unique method of placing implants minimizes the contact of the implant to the skin, and utilizes techniques for an enhanced, streamlined recovery, allowing most patients to return to work and exercise within 48 hours.

When choosing the best implants for your goals, there are a lot of options. We offer breast augmentation consultations so that you may discuss your long-term goals with Dr. Capizzi and receive personalized recommendations. During your consultation, you will be able to see your results ahead of time with Crisalix, a virtual reality software that allows you to upload photos and see what different implant sizes and shapes would look like. Your most important resource is your plastic surgeon and at Capizzi, M.D. we want you to reach your aesthetic goals, with the support of the best team in North Carolina.

Along with Sientra, we also use Mentor and Natrelle implants but that is giving at least a thousand implant options and Sientra is definitely our preferred manufacturer. See Sientra Breast Implant size options.

Before & After

Take a gander at Dr. Capizzi’s before and after photos, giving you a visual representation of his stunning results.

Image of a women considering breast implant sizes

Helpful Resources When Choosing Implants

When choosing your implants, there are so many options available to you. Your best resource when making these choices is going to be a board-certified plastic surgeon that listens to your considerations and ideal goals before recommending a good option for you. In tandem with Dr. Capizzi’s knowledge of implants, at Capizzi, M.D. we also utilize a revolutionary 3D imaging technology that assists our patients in selecting precisely the right fit for their needs.

Crisalix 3D

This 3D imaging technology is an amazing tool for showing patients what certain implants will look like on their body type. First, we take a photo of you, which the software converts into an avatar. Then, you sit down with a member of our team and choose different implants to place on your avatar. This gives you a better idea of what certain volumes and profiles will look like on your body.

Interested in scheduling a consultation or have more questions about breast implants? Give our office a call at 704-655-8988.

Patient Stories

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