Google is a powerful tool, not only can you find important details about a plastic surgeon, you can find an overwhelming amount of information about plastic surgery procedures. At Capizzi MD, we are here not only to help you sort through the vast amount of information, but to simplify and answer all your concerns and questions.

What you will find online:


Misleading information

We often hear that most of our patients find us online but that path to us had to start somewhere. When we google breast augmentations often advertisements and at least 20 pages of information will pop up. We often tell our patients that the ads may be misleading and may not include all fees or they may not be Board Certified and the other 20 pages of the google search may have misinformed information.

We can help you with your search for the right surgeon without having to browse 100 different sites!

Where to start:


Find a Doctor that is Board Certified!

This is VERY important. Recently, there has been several instances of unfavorable and adverse incidents following procedures performed by physicians. Many of these surgeons have not gone through plastic surgery residency, and have not qualified to become certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Confirming your surgeon is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery serves as reassurance for the type of training your surgeon has received.

At Capizzi MD, Dr. Capizzi is certified in both general and plastic surgery. Not only is he personable and professional, he is very honest with his patients during a consultation and he will never suggest a surgery for a patient unless he feels that it is right for the patient and that their medical history and the treatment plan align to ensure a natural healing process.

What to look for:


Check the Doctors credentials

Once a Doctor Graduates from a University they don’t just go right into doing surgical procedures. They have to go through a Residency and obtain a number of hours of on the job training. It is also important for the Physician to be involved in studies and be a board member on topics that pertain to their specialties. If you meet with a Doctor that has not been involved, on a board or completed any specific studies that might be a red flag, as that is an essential part of being a well renowned physician.

At Capizzi MD, Dr. Capizzi is very involved in the community and participates in studies on a regular basis. To find his CV click here.


Dr. Capizzi is well known in Charlotte for Breast Augmentations. He has been selected by Charlotte Magazine “Best of Plastic Surgery in Charlotte” 5 years in a row. He was also selected by readers of the South Charlotte Lifestyle Magazine as the “Readers’ Choice” for 2018.


Dr. Capizzi has place over 7000 implants! He has placed over 2500 gummy bear implants and was the first Doctor in NC to incorporate the 5th Generation implant into his practice. With that being said, he has the most experience with Gummy Bear implants in North Carolina!


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