FTM Transition: Surgery

FTM Transition: Surgery and Recovery

Top surgery provides chest reconstruction and contouring for those seeking to begin a female to male transition (FTM). This procedure involves removing/reducing breast tissue, reshaping of the nipples, and often liposuction.

Based on your anatomy, skin elasticity and specific aesthetic goals, Dr. Capizzi will recommend one of two incision types. In reshaping and resizing the nipple complex, the doctor’s primary goal is to achieve a more masculine position and appearance. The average length of the entire procedure is one to two hours.

For trans men with smaller A or B cup chest measurements, Dr. Capizzi may recommend an incision that traces the outline of the areola. In this case, the doctor removes breast tissue using a combination of liposuction and direct excision. This procedure usually will take an hour. Recovery is 48 hours, and then the patient can return to work. For trans men with larger chest measurements, Dr. Capizzi may choose a more involved method of tissue removal, creating incisions at the breast fold and around the areola.

Dr. Capizzi will create a personalized recovery plan for each client. Top surgery patients can expect to heal at a quick, healthy pace, thanks to Dr. Capizzi’s advanced surgical techniques. He will prescribe pain medication for soreness and in most cases, place a drain on each breast to collect excess fluid while healing. Sometimes there is no need for drains but if they are necessary they are removed after the first week. Lots of rest and downtime is advisable for the first few days, after which trans men can expect to be back in action. Workouts, weight lifting and physical labor can be resumed in around 2-3 weeks.

FTM Transition: Enhancing Results

Many of Dr. Capizzi’s FTM top surgery patients find that additional body contouring supports their transition goals and provides a holistic approach. Through the use of CoolSculpting, Kybella, and liposuction, the doctor enhances the male physique through intentional sculpting of the jawline, upper chest, underarms, thighs and abdomen.

As cellulite is primarily an issue for women rather than men, some of Dr. Capizzi’s FTM transition patients choose Profound as a treatment to reduce its appearance. Profound is a unique single laser treatment with a 100% response rate. This treatment improves elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid to make your skin tighter and smoother.

Dr. Capizzi and his award-winning staff are eager to answer your questions about these procedures and discuss how you can integrate them into your plan for successful gender reassignment.

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