Brazilian Butt Lift

The shape and proportion of the buttocks are important factors in an attractive, well-proportioned body. Whether due to natural aging process, pregnancy, weight gain or weight loss, the shape of the buttocks can change throughout a lifetime. Many patients remain unhappy with a “flat” buttocks that lacks shape. In addition to a healthy diet and exercise regimen to help achieve a healthy body weight and tone muscles, a Brazilian Butt Lift might be recommended.

Brazilian Butt Lift surgery utilizes fat transfer techniques to achieve a fuller, rounder buttock. Excess fat is removed from the hips, abdomen, lower back, or thighs with liposuction. A part of this fat is then injected into the buttocks to enhance volume and improve shape.

A board-certified cosmetic surgeon, such as Dr. Capizzi, can improve the proportions of the entire lower body with Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery. As an added bonus, patients are able to lose fat in common “problem areas,” resulting in a shapelier buttock and a sexier figure that lasts for many years.

You might consider a Brazilian Butt Lift to:

  • Enhance the curves of your lower body

  • Reduce fat pockets on your hips, thighs or belly while adding fullness to the buttocks

  • Help clothing fit better

  • Give a more youthful, pleasing shape to flat buttocks

  • Enhance your proportions by improving balance between your upper and lower body.

Am I a Good Candidate?

A significant advantage of Brazilian Butt Lift surgery is that it increases buttock size without implants. The procedure can achieve a natural look and feeling when completed by a board-certified plastic surgeon who operates in an accredited facility, such as the Capizzi MD Operating Room.

Most people are great candidates for a Brazilian Butt Lift; yet, if you are very lean you may not have enough fat to harvest. If this is the case, at Capizzi MD we offer an injectable filler called Sculptra that can achieve the same natural look and feel as a Brazilian Butt Lift.

Before & After

Take a gander at Dr. Capizzi’s before and after photos, giving you a visual representation of his stunning results.

Choosing A Cosmetic Surgeon

Brazilian Butt Lift surgery is a complex procedure that requires an eye for aesthetic detail and extensive experience in fat transfer techniques. Dr. Capizzi has received specialized training in fat transfer techniques and through his 20+ years of experience in cosmetic surgery has developed a keen eye for detail and a skill for producing natural-appearing results.

When consulting with potential surgeons, ask them how many butt lift procedures each has performed and be sure to consider photos of previous patients. This will help you get an idea of each surgeon’s style and skill level.

The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery requires surgeons to continue their education and undergo annual testing to maintain their credentials and always be in-the-know about the latest innovations and research in the industry. Certified with the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Dr. Capizzi has over 20 years experience practicing cosmetic surgery in Charlotte, North Carolina.

During Your Procedure

A Brazilian Butt Lift procedure has three basic steps:

  • First, there is removal of fat from the hips, back, thighs, abdomen, or other areas with the use of PAL liposuction
  • Second, there is purification of the extracted fat to prepare it for transfer
  • Lastly, the cosmetic surgeon injects the fat into specific points on the buttocks to increase volume and improve shape.

Through the use of PAL liposuction, a Brazilian Butt Lift does not result in many incisions. There will be a few, small incisions around the donor area that heal up without scarring. Performed in the Capizzi MD Operating Room, this procedure takes about 2 hours to complete.

Recovery From A Brazilian Butt Lift

When you have an operation on your buttocks, special care needs to be taken in order for the fat injections to take in their intended place. For most patients, pain is minimal and can be managed with Ibuprofen for the first couple of days. But the main challenge is that you should avoid sitting for long periods for a few days after your procedure.

When following recovery guidelines, Brazilian Butt Lifts can produce sexy, shapely results that last for many years. Give our office a call at 704-655-8988 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Capizzi or fill out our form!

Patient Stories

Having been through the Capizzi experience, these patients can help you understand the smoothness of the journey.

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