Dr. Capizzi’s entire professional life has been devoted to plastic surgery and preventative aging. After completing his medical training at the Mayo Clinic, he joined a large North Carolina practice. Ten years ago this month, he founded Stillwater Plastic Surgery to offer a more personalized, patient-centric approach to plastic surgery and preventative aging. As the practice turns ten, Dr. Capizzi is reflecting on the decade’s most significant changes. Number four may surprise you!

Stay younger longer with a yoga practice. Just ask Jessica

#5 ASANAS & SUCH : “As a physician, I’m delighted that more and more people are proactively taking responsibility for their own mind-body well-being. Exercise – and yoga in particular – is a great, natural activity to help you look and feel young. It’s a fountain of youth available to everyone. Asanas, of course, refer to postures and gentle stretching movements to balance mind and body. Ten years ago, many people thought yoga was a religion. Now, they’re just religious about doing it!” – Dr. Peter J. Capizzi