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With an increased popularity of health and fitness over the past few decades, women are striving to create the best version of themselves from the inside out. More than ever, women are leading a more active lifestyle outside of their work and home environments to help them look and feel their very best.

As a plastic surgeon, I have made it my mission to provide the best possible patient care and patient experience from the moment they walk through my door, all the way through their last follow-up visit. For the past 20 years I have strived to provide a consistent breast implant procedure coupled with an early engaged post-op regimen that enhances recovery, leaving the patient happy, healthy, and back to their normal routine. Whether it’s at-home cardio amateurs or international weight-lifting professionals, I have seen an increase in the number of active patients walk through my door looking to achieve the best version of themselves.

When it comes to procedures, breast augmentation coupled with the use of highly cohesive silicone gel implants (“Gummy Bear Implants”), is consistently less than one hour. By limiting procedure time, the amount of post-op discomfort is minimized allowing immediate movement of the arms and shoulders, ambulation, and a safe, predictable and enhanced recovery. This surgical and post-op care regimen is known at our practice as “The Capizzi Method” and have extended this holistic approach to many of our other procedures.

I have utilized the Capizzi Method for breast implant patients ranging from marathon runners, barrel riders, former Mrs. North Carolina, models, personnel trainers, and bikini contestants. Most recently we had WWE professional wrestler Charlotte Flair at our practice for an augmentation revision, as well as professional bikini competition start, Lorena Vera. We were so pleased to see them both satisfied with their results, and back to their normal workout routines in no time at all.

“Dr. Capizzi and staff are by far the most welcoming, friendly staff I’ve ever met! I am so thankful for what Dr. Capizzi was able to do for me after years of frustration with breast augmentation and problems. I would recommend him to ANYONE!!!”

Charlotte Flair

International bikini competitor Lorena Vera

Lorena Vera

Burn Bootcamp Owner/Instructor and former Mrs. North Carolina has undergone breast augmentation here at Capizzi, M.D. and we are so happy that she is pleased with her results.

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Jessica Harvey

My goal is to make my patient’s experience one that allows them to get back to feeling themselves and back to their normal active routine leaving many women saying, “I didn’t know how easy this would be…” or “I should have done this sooner…”. With the Capizzi Method, you are able to get back to working at home (next day), working at the office (48 hours), begin working out (48 hours), swimming (2 weeks), yoga (2 weeks), and running (3-4 weeks) in no time! Some of the enhanced recovery methods that are seen with other specialties such as Orthopedics are now with cosmetic breast enhancement. Here at Capizzi, M.D., our patients have the knowledge and power to become the best version of themselves.