Peter Felice, M.D.

Dr. Peter A. Felice

D Dr. Peter Felice of Capizzi M.D.r. Peter A. Felice is a Board Eligible Plastic Surgeon with a specific interest in Facial Plastic Surgery and Breast Reconstruction. He has dedicated the last fourteen years to broadening his medical education, building a strong foundation in patient care as well as exceptional skills in both General and Plastic Surgery.

His interest in Plastic Surgery kindled early on during his General Surgery training, progressing as he developed a love for helping patients achieve both physical and psychological reform. During his training, Dr. Felice was awarded a Craniofacial Research Fellowship at the University Of Michigan, where he had the opportunity to collaborate, publish, and present original head, neck, and breast cancer research at a national and international level. It was this environment, coupled with the loss of three of his own family members to breast cancer, that solidified his passion to pursue a second residency in his current specialty of Plastic and Reconstructive surgery at the University of Florida College of Medicine. From the start of his education at Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine, to completing two residencies and conducting extensive cancer research, Dr. Felice is equipped with the utmost education and experience which is vital when considering a surgeon in the field of Plastic Surgery.

When he’s not in the operating room, you might find Dr. Felice engaged in one of his favorite books, or surfing along the beautiful coast of Playa Sayulita, Mexico. His love for travel is great, however if you ask him where his favorite vacation spot is, Dr. Felice will tell you that it isn’t where he goes, it’s who he’s with that makes the experience memorable. He shares a rich connection to his family and friends and strives to maintain a healthy work-life balance by spending as much time with them as he can. His immaculate attention to detail shows not only in medicine, but in photography as well, as he enjoys taking photos of nature and focuses on the details and textures that are commonly missed by the naked eye.

We believe that Dr. Felice’s caring demeanor and dedication to helping his patients achieve gratifying results make him an exquisite addition to Capizzi, M.D. We are proud and elated to have Dr. Felice join with Dr. Capizzi in enhancing the lives of patients here in Charlotte and the surrounding areas.


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