It’s no secret. Everyone one knows that Dr. Capizzi is a huge proponent of Gummy Bear breast implants. Of course, “Gummy Bear” is the nickname for fifth-generation, highly cohesive silicone gel breast implants. Dr. Capizzi certainly did not invent the Gummy Bear implant, but he has certainly played a role in advancing its use and setting a standard for surgical technique. Along with a select group of surgeons, Dr. Capizzi participated in the national FDA investigationof the Natrelle 401 implant, medical manufacturer Allergan’s Gummy Bear device. As a result, Dr. Capizzi has been integrally involved in the evolution of the Gummy Bear implant and pioneered the new surgical approaches required to produce beautiful outcomes for patients in North Carolina and throughout the country.


Gummy Bear implants from all three world-class medical suppliers. Allergan, Mentor and Sientra, were formally FDA-approved in 2013-4. It’s important to note, however, that Gummy Bears are not yesterday’s news. In fact, according to Dr. Capizzi, Gummy Bear advances are among the top stories in the world of plastic surgery in 2015. We asked the doctor to explain.

THE ABILITY TO CUSTOMIZE: One size does not fit all in the world of breast implants. Dr. Capizzi – and other board-certified plastic surgeons – choose from a “wardrobe” of over 100 Gummy Bear sizes, shapes and varieties to offer the best recommendation to individual women.

ANATOMICAL SHAPED GUMMY BEARS: Round implants continue to be a good choice for many women, but patients with upper-pole hollowing – as is often the case in breast reconstruction surgery – should strongly consider the teardrop shaped Gummy Bear.

TEXTURED GUMMY BEARS: Textured Gummy Bear implants offer skilled surgeons an opportunity to place the implant very precisely. Texturing means less settling post surgery and a more predictable result. Additionally, for breast revision and reconstruction patients, textured implants in conjunction with Seri, a biomedical material, which creates an interior “bra,” produce superior results.

SURGICAL TECHNIQUE AND QUALIFICATIONS: Gummy Bears are clearly advancing. Surgical skill must keep pace with the new devices. Dr. Capizzi is considered an expert in breast implant, breast revision and breast reconstruction surgery with Gummy Bear implants. He has led preceptorships (educational seminars) to train other surgeons and appeared in training videos demonstrating technique. As more surgeons learn from Gummy Bear pioneers like Dr. Capizzi, the implant is likely to become the breast surgery standard in 2015.

NATURAL, HEALTHY OUTCOMES: At the end of the day, 2015 is the Year of the Gummy Bear because surgical outcomes are superior. This is what women AND surgeons want. From a medical perspective, implant malfunction is dramatically reduced with Gummy Bear devices. In fact, Sientra offers a written warranty against capsular contracture with their textured offering. Gummy Bears – especially those from Sientra – more naturally mimic real breast tissue with just the right balance of supple firmness to produce a youthful, natural look

If you are thinking there’s never been a better time to make plans for breast implant surgery, you’re right. The fifth-generation highly cohesive gel implant paired with advancing surgical skill make 2015 the Year of the Gummy Bear.