Recovery 101

Whether full-time employees, business owners, teachers, stay-at-home-parents or students, Dr. Capizzi’s patients lead busy, active lives and are eager to recover from their procedures as rapidly as possible. Thanks to Dr. Capizzi’s skillful technique and minimal, precise incisions, healing is usually swift and pleasant. Regardless of the type of procedure performed. The typical recovery period lasts no more than two weeks. Often a few doses of ibuprofen, rather than health-compromising narcotics, are the only pain medications required.

There are three cardinal rules when it comes to recovering from your cosmetic procedure:

1. Follow Dr. Capizzi’s advice to the letter.
After surgery, you will receive a detailed set of discharge instructions that cover such important topics as incision care, pain management and a suggested timeline for returning to normal activities. While it may be tempting to ignore instructions if you are feeling fine, remember that this could ultimately jeopardize the great results you have waited for so long to achieve.
2. Listen to your body.
Every individual responds differently to surgery. Dr. Capizzi notes that your personal recovery will depend on a variety of factors: your age, medical history and the nature of the procedure. Follow Dr. Capizzi’s discharge instructions and be aware of your own personal preferences and limits.
3. Ask for help.
Never be afraid to call or ask questions if you feel something isn’t right. Dr. Capizzi and his caring, experienced staff are on hand 24/7 to guide and support you throughout your recovery process. No concern is too trivial or unimportant for Dr. Capizzi to address.

Recovery from Skincare Procedures

After completing your successful skincare treatment, Dr. Capizzi’s team of seasoned aestheticians and RN’s will offer their expert recommendations for the best products to maximize and maintain your great results. Your skincare regimen will be unique to your skin type, lifestyle and age, and will include agents for cleansing, exfoliation and moisturizing. The doctor will advise on the proper timeline for additional facials to defend from new damage due to aging, sun exposure and dehydration.

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