Radio personality and former cheerleader, Lindsay came to Capizzi MD Plastic Surgery for CoolSculpting® treatments just last month. Every weekday morning Lindsay is on the air with the rambunctious Ace & TJ (plus Riggins) on 96.1, so we know she’s a communicator! That’s why we’ve asked her to share her top ten tips on the CoolSculpting® procedure. We knew she would gladly tell all! Let’s turn today’s blog over to Lindsay.
#1 TIP: Lean on your Capizzi MD care team. Dr. Capizzi has the best staff and my R.N. Abby was amazing. She told me what she was doing, how it was going to feel and what was coming next. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like surprises at the doctor’s office!

#2 TIP: Bring something to do during CoolSculpting® treatment. I had the Capizzi Method of CoolSculpting®, which means two hours at the office. I was tweeting and chatting up people who stopped by. Now, my treatment was open to the public (I’m a sharer). Yours won’t be obviously. You could totally watch a movie, get some work done or even take a nap.

#3 TIP: You should expect visitors too, but not outsiders! At Capizzi MD, the R.N.s and techs check in on you all the time during treatment. Melissa is Dr. Capizzi’s patient coordinator. We’re practically BFFs now. She was always popping in to make sure I was okay. Ali Kraus was also pretty much a constant (in and out) presence too and, of course, Abby.

#4 TIP: I gotta be total honest – Dr. Capizzi told me to tell it like it is in this blog, so here goes. The placement of the cooling panel is the worst part. When Abby put it on, there was a pull, pressure and cold. I can’t really compare it to anything. Maybe it’s like a mammogram on your tummy? Something else to look forward to! You’ll know what I mean when you feel it. The cool (ha-ha) thing is that after that initial bit of discomfort  for like 5 minutes, it totally subsides. The rest of the treatment is C-A-K-E.

#5 TIP: Be forewarned – Abby game me a head’s up on this too. Your fat looks like a stick of butter when the cooling panels are removed. It’s a great description. The area is sort of squared off in the shape of a stick of butter. Don’t worry, it goes away!

#6 TIP: The treatment area – the stick of butter, just mentioned above – is massaged after the procedure and it was my second least favorite part of the procedure. Your skin is totally protected during treatment. The freezing temperatures target FAT not the outer layer of skin. But, it is cold. Have you massaged cold hands or feet in the winter? Yeah, it does not feel great, but it totally passes.

#7 TIP: For about a week or so after CoolSculpting®, the treatment area is a little tender. For me, it was like I did a ton of crunches or ab work. You know something’s going on. Dr. Capizzi and Abby said the tenderness is just part of the process.

#8 TIP: Be patient. You didn’t get that fat overnight. I know I didn’t. CoolSculpting® freezes the fat. Your body’s stepping in for the next part, eliminating the dead fat cells over about 8 weeks. I can see results after just a few weeks and I know there’s more to come.

#9 TIP: Get motivated. Personally, I really want to maximize the CoolSculpting® treatment. I’m tuned in to what I eat and I have not become a slug. I’m exercising. My biggest motivation is that it’s bikini season. I can’t wait to see how my body changes in the next few weeks. I’m thinking 4th of July at the beach without the pouch! It’s exciting.

#10 TIP: Read Capizzi MD’s CoolSculpting® Guidelines. When I left the office, Abby gave me a simple sheet telling me what to expect once I was on my own. I know I can call them anytime, but I don’t like to be needy! I felt like I left Capizzi MD knowing what to expect. I had a great weekend!

Lindsay from the Ace and TJ Show visits Capizzi MD for a COOLSCULPTING® treatment

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