Moms with young children understand what exercise pros call HIIT, the acronym for High Intensity Interval Training. In mom language, it’s the equivalent to feverishly cleaning up the breakfast mess, only to watch your curious toddler dump the whole box of Cheerios on the floor. On the same spot you just cleaned. Rinse and repeat! In fitness language, HIIT is a training approach that involves alternating high and low activity levels to maximize your workout. At Capizzi MD, we know our patients truly desire to the their very best selves. You tell us keeping in shape and lean body contours are top priorities. We agree. So this week, let’s take a look at HIIT.

Interval training sounds fun, but what is it? Contrary to the namesake, interval training is not exercising in l-o-n-g intervals (i.e. every other week does not count). Interval training is a type of workout alternating high-intensity activities with low-intensity activities in rapid succession. It’s a simple concept and one that you can apply to most of your exercise routines. Take the treadmill, for instance (please!). You can rotate intense bursts of running with casual jogging to alter your activity level. The amount (and length) of your intervals depends on your fitness level. That makes interval training completely customizable to your ability (and highly effective).

So what’s in it for me? Glad you asked. We went to one of our favorite authorities and Dr.Capizzi’s alma mater, The Mayo Clinic, for fact-based insights on the benefits benefits of interval training.

  • Calories, be gone: During those bursts of high-intensity activity, your body produces a chemical called catecholamine, which triggers the fat burning processes in your body. This causes a heightened metabolic rate, which lets you burn more calories compared to a lower-cardio workout.
  • Increased aerobic capacity: Intensifying your workout improves your cardiovascular system, thus allowing you to exercise longer (and harder). For moms out there, you’ll be able to deal with deluges of Cheerios much more efficiently – and potentially with a smile!
  • No frills needed: As an added bonus, interval training can be adapted to any workout program. No special equipment required. No excuses. Almost anything can be done with HIIT training – though we advise against experimenting in the carpool lane.

The HITT endgame is improved fitness and results. However, for some of us, tough-to-beat deposits of fat seem exercise resistant and fail to succumb to the smartest workouts, including HITT. Think love handles, muffin tops and flabby flanks. Don’t despair and no not console yourself with a bag of Girl Scout cookies.

Because this is where Dr. Capizzi and CoolSculpting® can help. CoolSculpting® is a non-surgical, FDA-cleared treatment that freezes away unwanted fat cells. During one-hour treatments, cooling panels are placed on the problem areas to target the fat beneath the skin. The skin itself is unaffected. Those unwanted fat cells are frozen and your body naturally disposes of the terminated cells over time. In the right hands, CoolSculpting® is highly effective. With the Capizzi Method – Dr. Capizzi’s unique approach to CoolSculpting® – you’ll see results immediate and then even more over a 16-week period.

It’s important to know that CoolSculpting® removes the targeted fat areas permanently. Once those fat cells are frozen and eliminated, they are gone forever. However, CoolSculpting® cannot ward off NEW fat. Continued diligence is required! And this is why we believe CoolSculpting® pairs well with HIIT – get the fat off and keep it off!

If you’re considering a spin with interval training, maybe we’ll see you at the Harris Y. It’s one of our favorite workout destinations. Interval training is a great way to step-up your fitness routine and maximize the effectiveness of your workouts. If you still find that your belly pooch stands unwavering, call Dr. Capizzi and consider adding COOLSCULPTING®. At Capizzi MD, we think of it as (fat-free) icing on the proverbial cake… or petit four, preferably from Amélie’s, another favorite destination!