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Underarms $300/1500 pckg
Bikini $300/1500
Brazilian $450/2250
Full Legs $750/3750
Full Face $400/2250 pckg
Lip/Chin $200/1000
Lower Legs $400/2000
Packages contain six treatments. Re-treatment fee after package purchase is $50


Banish fine lines and wrinkles
$14/unit ($13/unit for 50+ units)

Botox Mini Shot
Prevent wrinkles with just 20 units

Botox Lip Flip
Try out the perfect pout

Erase cellulite on the buttocks
and thighs

Botox + Filler Package
Save when you bundle
$1050/ 20 u + 1 syringe

IV Hydration
An instant pick-me-up with 1L of
essential vitamins and minerals

B12 Shot
Better than a cup of coffee.

Sculptra Face Lift
Correct deep folds and wrinkles
$1500 per vial


Think undereyes

Think lips

Think cheeks & chin

When you need volume

Ultra Plus
When you need volume plus

$850 per syringe, $100 off when
you receive multiple at one appt


Remove dead skin cells to smooth texture and improve your glow
$150 / $400 for three / $50 when you add to existing service

Dermaplane & Chemical Peel
Address dull skin, fine lines, and gently resurface with a medical-grade
chemical peel. Customize your results with three levels to choose from.
$250 / $700 for three

Stimulates collagen naturally to smooth wrinkles and improve skin texture.
Great for eliminating acne scars, erasing fine lines, and minimizing pores.
$350 Face / $400 Face & Neck (Packages available)
Boost your results with a Botox infusion
$600 Face / $700 Face & Neck

Cosmelan MD Peel
The world’s leading depigmentation method designed to eliminate or reduce
dark spots and melasma while unifying skin tone and enhancing skin

Signature Facials
Customized medical-grade facial treatment designed for ultimate relaxation
and rejuvenation. Built for your needs and concerns.
$150 / $400 for three


There IS a difference! These exclusive Hydrafacials cleanse and exfoliate to
remove layers of dead skin cells, blackheads, dirt, and oil. Finished with an
antioxidant infusion into the freshly cleaned and exfoliated skin. Upgrade your
service for an enhanced treatment, customizing booster, and LED light therapy.
$195 Hydrafacial / $295 Hydrafacial Luxe
ZO Skin Health Brightalive | ZO Skin Health Rozatrol
Alastin Trihex Pro-Skin | ReGen Growth Factor Serum


IPL Photofacials & BBL Treatments
The Sciton Broadband Light addresses a number of skin concerns including
sun damage, hyperpigmentation, facial vessels, and rosacea.
$300 Face & Neck / $500 Face, Neck, and Chest / $300 Chest & Décolletage
$200 Hands / $600 Full Arms / $200 Scar / $150 Spot

diVa Vaginal Laser Therapy
This laser treatment addresses loss of elasticity, dryness, and urinary
incontinence common with age or post-partum hormonal imbalance.
Two treatments recommended. No downtime.
$1950 First Treatment / $1750 Second / $1500 Third

MicroLaser Peel
Erbium laser technology resurfaces deep surface wrinkles, removes sunspots
and pigment irregularities. Depth is customized to each patient to achieve
optimal results. Price includes Alastin Recovery Kit.
$1500 Face & Neck / $2075 Face, Neck, and Chest


Profound RF Skin Tightening
Microneedling and radio-frequency tighten the skin in the lower face and
neck, giving facelift-like results without the downtime. Or, use it on the body
to erase cellulite and improve contour.
$3500 Face & Neck | Starting at $2000 per Body Area

Get rid of stubborn fat while catching up on Netflix. No repeat
appointments needed with our “stacking” treatment style.
$2000+ Pricing varies per patient and desired results

miraDry Sweat Reduction
Thermal energy eliminates sweat and odor glands in the underarms.
Permanent results in just one treatment. Minimal downtime.

Not sure which treatment best fits your needs? Schedule a complimentary
skincare consultation with one of our knowledgeable aestheticians to find out!
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