Re-branding can be a lot of fun for a business. It’s a chance to refresh and update and change some things around.

Dr. Capizzi is still the same amazing doctor he’s always been but when he decided to change the practice from Stillwater Plastic Surgery to Capizzi, M.D., we knew that we needed to create a strong brand to go with the new name.

From our chic and sophisticated new office space, to the new website and improved blog and social media channels, you’ll be getting an experience when you visit us on the web as well in person.

Follow us along on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat (yes, Snapchat!), as we take you on a journey behind the scenes and show you what goes on during surgeries or facial services, get the scoop on the newest products, specials we have going on, or just some office fun.

Start using the hashtag #AskDrCapizzi to submit any questions you have for Dr. Capizzi on both Twitter and Instagram and a few of them will be selected each month to be answered in a blog series, “Capizzi’s Corner”.

Feel free to ask the doctor his opinion on gummy bear implants (his fave), when he recommends you start getting Botox, what surgery you should get for a bigger booty, or even what his favorite food is.

Get creative!

We’ll be doing an Instagram contest in a few weeks, so make sure you’re following (@DrCapizzi) so you’ll be the first to know the details, (it’s a good one!)

Our social media channels are linked above, so just click to follow or “like” us.

The blog will start featuring beauty and skincare secrets from our Aestheticians, Coolsculpting info, health and wellness advice, surgery details, and more, so check back weekly!

We love to engage and interact with our patients, so if there’s something you want more information on, tweet us and we’ll do a post.