Tummy Tuck


n abdominoplasty, more commonly known as a tummy tuck, is a safe and highly effective procedure performed to reduce excess stomach fat, tone loose, sagging skin, and refine laxity in the abdominal wall. Factors that may determine a good candidate for an abdominoplasty include significant weight loss, pregnancies, previous stomach surgeries that need to be corrected, and the effects of age and gravity on the body.

Tummy tucks are often accompanied by liposuction in the back, waist, thighs or buttocks area for a more complete body contouring makeover. Because body types and target regions for improvement vary so much from patient to patient, a surgeon will advise on one of five types of tummy tucks: endoscopic, mini, moderate, full and circumferential. The ideal procedure that is right for you will be determined and discussed at length during your initial consultation.

Here at Capizzi MD Cosmetic Surgery, we pride ourselves on offering the most cutting edge treatment for our patients, which is why are excited to offer a drain-free option for our tummy tuck procedures. By using TissuGlu Surgical Adhesive in our tummy tucks, we can eliminate the need for burdensome drains and the stress they can cause during recovery, allowing you to resume normal activities like showering, driving, and returning to work sooner than patients with drains.

Finding the right surgeon for your procedure

Dr. Peter Capizzi is known throughout North Carolina and beyond as an experienced specialist in body contouring, with a loyal client base who are local and hail from all parts of the country as well outside the country and regard him as among the best surgeons available. Although this procedure is straightforward, Dr. Capizzi’s familiarity with the latest breakthroughs in the industry as well as his meticulous perfectionism easily set him apart from other less accomplished physicians. Always committed to achieving the most suitable and successful outcome for each client through his proven, customized approach, Dr. Capizzi will carefully review your medical records, previous surgeries, measurements, and photographs of your desired outcome in order to make his most informed recommendations. Because your overall health is vital to longevity of this procedure as well as the postoperative care, Dr. Capizzi has developed the Capizzi Method™. Utilizing 3 main steps, this method ensures that patients receive not only the highest level of care the entire time they are a patient, but that they receive any pre or post-treatment necessary to ensure they see exceptional results from their procedure.

Before & After

Take a gander at Dr. Capizzi’s before and after photos, giving you a visual representation of his stunning results.

Tummy tuck techniques:

Endoscopic tummy tuck

Although it does not target excess skin, this type of procedure is extremely practical for addressing weakened, flabby muscles in the abdomen that remain stubbornly unaffected by diet and exercise, and can also address diastasis. It is performed using an endoscope, a lighted retractor, and fiber optic camera, which are inserted via a 2-3cm incision above the pubic area, to allow visualization up through the abdomen. The diastasis can then sewn and repaired. The overlying skin integrity is paramount in choosing this procedure for the proper patient. Note, that a diastasis may not be present or is so minimal that it does not require repair.

Mini tummy tuck

This efficient and popular procedure is known for its minimal scarring with maximum results. This procedure is drainless most often and skin is closed with knotless sutures. A modest bikini-line incision is made, usually 6-8 inches long, after which unyielding excess skin folds are removed. This technique is well prescribed for fairly in-shape individuals with problem areas below the belly button. Recovery from the mini tummy tuck is usually more rapid than with other procedures. A compression garment is used and normal activity can begin immediately. Women resume working out in 24-48 hours, driving, and resumption of work.

Standard Tummy Tuck

The standard abdominoplasty is the most common type of tummy tuck and involves tightening the entire stomach wall, ensuring a tight, flat belly. If a patient has a stubborn belly pouch extending 1-2 inches, if he or she has undergone severe weight loss, or if the client has had several pregnancies, the moderate tummy tuck may be appropriate. Drainless tummy tucks using TissuGlu.

Full (Extended) tummy tuck

As its name suggests, the full or extended abdominoplasty is similar to the standard tummy tuck, but also includes the removal of excess fat and skin folds in the back and hips. Unsightly “love handles” can easily be re-contoured with this procedure for a slimmer and more attractive waistline with a standard lateral hip-to-hip incision.

Here at Capizzi M.D. we use the PAL system, which allows for less bruising, more detailed contouring of the body and makes the removal of fat infinitely easier. We are also proud to offer TissuGlu Surgical Adhesive to help transform your tummy tuck into a less invasive, more comfortable experience by freeing you from the burden of drains, which is often required.

A full tummy tuck is primarily used in patients that have more marked skin laxity either due to genetics, childbearing, or weight loss. These patients typically have more stretch marks and loss of elastic properties of the skin. A need for diastasis repair may also bring you to Dr. Capizzi. Many patients often combine this procedure with gluteal enhancement to increase full roundness and improve tone, texture, and shape. Profound Skin Tightening, a non-invasive skin tightening remedy, can also be added. Many patients opt to use this procedure to increase the integrity of the skin in the recovery period, which is a unique radiofrequency treatment that meets the growing demand of non-surgical tightening to many areas, including the abdomen, to address loose or sagging skin brought on by aging or heredity.

Your recovery is of the utmost importance to us. That’s why as a Capizzi M.D. patient, you have access to the Capizzi Method™– our approach to providing world-class cosmetic surgery, aesthetic treatments and procedures to ensure patients achieve optimal results. Full tummy tuck recovery with the Capizzi Method™ includes a set of Lymphatic Therapy to aid with healing and comfort, as well as access to Biocorneum or Embrace Scar Defense Therapy to aid with scarring.

Circumferential tummy tuck

When a more aggressive and comprehensive abdominoplasty is required—usually in cases of extreme weight loss where excess sagging skin drapes the hips, back and buttocks—Dr. Capizzi will advise a circumferential tummy tuck, also known as a body lift. Liposuction is used in conjunction with this procedure in order to further streamline and sculpt the torso.

Can I Recover Drain-Free?

Dr. Peter Capizzi is pleased to offer a revolutionary surgical technique that can eliminate the need for surgical drains in tummy tuck procedures! TissuGlu Surgical Adhesive helps transform your tummy tuck into a less invasive, more comfortable experience by freeing you from the burden of drains. You’ll be able to get back to your daily routine (showering, driving, returning to work) sooner than if you had drains. Best of all, you won’t have to deal with ugly, painful drains that require special care and maintenance while you’re healing from a major surgery or the scars they leave behind.

Find out more about TissuGlu Surgical Adhesive at www.tissuglu.com.

How long will it take to recover from a tummy tuck?

Recovery time is different for each patient, and is based on the complexity of the surgery. However, because Dr. Capizzi offers among the best tummy tucks, Charlotte residents and visitors can expect to resume gentle daily activities within 3-5 days. Strenuous exercise, heavy lifting or physical labor jobs should not be undertaken until approximately the 6th week. Throughout the entire process, Dr. Capizzi and his trustworthy team of medical experts will be on hand to guide you, so don’t hesitate to ask for anything. Outstanding patient satisfaction is Dr. Capizzi’s foremost professional goal.