MTF Cosmetic Surgery

MTF Transition: Surgery

Many trans women do not have sufficient levels of natural breast tissue to rely on hormone therapy alone in order to create their desired breast volume. For those MTF transition patients seeking a fully feminine, shapely silhouette, Dr. Capizzi recommends the use of implants. Breast augmentation, a procedure to increase breast volume and enhance the overall breast appearance, is Dr. Capizzi’s core specialty as a plastic surgeon.

Dr. Capizzi has built a trusted reputation as the best breast augmentation surgeon in the state, due to his lifelong dedication to aesthetic perfection and finely honed surgical skill after having done over 7,000 implant procedures, coupled with a willingness to cater exclusively to each individual patient’s ideal result rather than generic trends. Based on her unique physique, medical history and lifestyle, each outcome is customized to the client’s express wishes, producing a silhouette that is natural, beautiful and supple with minimal recovery time and healing.

Capizzi MD offers the most attractive and reliable silicone breast implants on the market today, from all 3 manufacturers- Allergan, Sientra, and Mentor. Dr. Capizzi was chosen as an FDA co-investigator for the latest breakthrough in breast augmentation innovation, the “Gummy Bear” implant. With over 100 shapes and sizes available to complement any physique, the Gummy Bear offers proven stability and versatility that is revolutionizing breast augmentation and beyond. Dr. Capizzi offers the most comprehensive breast care in the region, from consultation to recovery.

For a comprehensive look at the details of breast augmentation surgery and recovery, please visit our Breast Augmentation FAQ page. We look forward to scheduling your consultation with Dr. Capizzi!

MTF Transition: Enhancing Results

Dr. Capizzi knows that breasts alone do not a feminine appearance make, and offers a range of options to his MTF patients to create the complete transition they desire. Many begin with laser hair removal, particularly in the facial area. Then, to present a smoother, softer appearance, Dr. Capizzi may recommend a Rejuvapen microneedling treatment, which helps to rebuild collagen and elastin.

Full, pouty lips can be achieved through the use of dermal fillers such as Volbella or Vollure, administered by Dr. Capizzi’s skilled team of aestheticians. Harsh lines can be smoothed away using tried-and-true Botox, with touch-ups available without an appointment at Charlotte’s only Botox Bar. And before using fillers, patients may want to “smooth the way” through medical facials. Capizzi MD offers three levels of SkinMedica chemical peels, which remove the top layer of dull skin and stimulate the dermis to improve elasticity and collagen, leading to tighter, brighter and lighter skin.

For some MTF transition patients, an added “lift” may be desired; if tired, droopy eyelids, puffy bags beneath the eye, and crow’s feet are an issue revealed in your initial consultation, Dr. Capizzi may recommend eyelid surgery (also known as blepharoplasty). This rejuvenating 50-minute cosmetic procedure produces dramatic results, and is one of Dr. Capizzi’s most in-demand surgeries. If “turkey wattle” or a double chin is an issue, Dr. Capizzi recommends Kybella, an FDA-approved injectable that melts away fat deposits and brilliantly restores definition to the upper neck.

Capizzi M.D.

As a transgender woman, life drawing model, LGBTQ advocate, and a medical professional, choosing a reputable provider with quality references and results is imperative. Choosing a provider who is accepting, caring, and sincere seems even more important. When I consulted with Capizzi Cosmetic Surgery I feel I had found all these prerequisites. They prepared me for the physical aspects of surgery, their kindness and support helped me psychologically. Besides the physical change (which is fantastic), the emotional effect has changed me completely, my inner self now sees an outward manifestation of my true identity. I am truly satisfied and grateful to Dr. Capizzi and his entire staff for such a remarkable experience.

- Marsha T.