Today we’re turning the mouse and keyboard over to Nurse Michele Laws, one of our anti-aging super heroines at Stillwater. While Michele’s been with us for just under a year, she comes to Stillwater with 20 years of nursing experience. Already Michele is a patient favorite. That’s why Dr. Capizzi selected her to head up the practice’s CoolSculpting initiative. Michele works with patients everyday to craft CoolSculpting fat-freezing strategies that work. Without further ado, here’s Michele.

Stillwater's Michele Laws, R.N.

Stillwater’s Michele Laws, R.N.

As a nurse and a woman, I could not be more pleased that we’re offering this service at Stillwater Plastic Surgery. Dr. Capizzi is a great surgeon and very easy to work for. But he’s a stickler about one thing: he wants to offer services and treatments that achieve the desired outcome for patients. That’s why RESULTS are our #1 goal. Dr. Capizzi studied CoolSculpting results and engaged with medical experts from the company before deciding to bring this service to Stillwater patients.

There are so many aspects of CoolSculpting I could discuss in this blog today. Maybe I’ll be asked back to do another one! For now, I am going to focus on two primary CoolSclulpting topics: what it is and who are the best candidates for treatment.

So, what IS CoolSculpting? It is a procedure that uses a targeted cooling process to kill – yes, kill, I know that’s a strong word – fat under the skin. It freezes fat cells, which your body then naturally eliminates as refuse. Maybe it’s also useful to talk about what CoolSculpting is not – it is NOT a surgical procedure. There are NO needles, NO incisions, NO scars and very little downtime.

During treatment, CoolSculpting panels are placed on the treatment area. Let’s use the tummy as an example. (That hits close to home!) I make sure the panels are properly placed on your abdomen. They will remain in place for about an hour. During that time you can work on your laptop, doze, make phone calls. No one has brought in a big bag of Cheetos yet to munch on during a treatment! But, many patients do come in over their lunch break, so I suppose you could snack if you wanted to. The point is, CoolSculpting is painless. Having tried CoolSculpting myself (my tummy is my issue), I will mention that after treatment there is just a bit of tenderness. Nothing that gets in the way of your normal activity though. I did not miss boot camp! If you’re like me, you’ll see results in about a three-week timeframe. And, generally, continued positive results as your body disposes of the frozen fat.

My next topic addresses who CoolSculpting can help. Who can benefit? I need to correct a misperception here. A lot of people think CoolSculpting is for basically buff people who want to be more perfect. Even the CoolSculpting website suggest it’s a fine-tuning type treatment for those with stubborn fat. This is not untrue, but CoolSculpting can be of benefit to so many more. It’s not just for perfectionist workout junkies! I know! Really, anyone can be a candidate. I talk to patients about treatment plans every day. That’s Stillwater’s approach. Remember, I mentioned Dr. Capizzi’s obsession with results? I sit down with patients and craft a treatment plan – and budget too – that will deliver on fat loss expectations. CoolSculpting is not a fix for obese patients, nor does it treat the issue of loose skin after extreme weight loss. But I’d say if you are within about 20 pounds of your ideal body weight, CoolSculpting is a solution.

Thanks for the opportunity to share my perspective on CoolSculpting. Nothing replaces a one-on-one conversation, so if you’d like to talk, I’d love to listen. Just call me at 704-655-8988. Thank you.