CS HeaderLast week, we shared a list of the top ten highlights of 2014. But Dr. Capizzi and the Stillwater team are not ones for looking backward. For this last blog of 2014, we asked Dr. Capizzi to get out his crystal ball and tell us what the future holds in the world of plastic surgery. Truth be told, there’s nothing otherworldly about Dr. Capizzi’s forecasts. He’s a Mayo Clinic-trained, nationally recognized plastic surgeon with fifteen year’s experience. Dr. Capizzi’s projections are real and fact-based. Today, we’re excited to share our first of two projections for the New Year: 2015 will be the year of CoolSculpting.

Who Is a Candidate for CoolSculpting? Many people are plagued by unwanted fat. For some, tummy tuck and liposuction are solutions. These are highly effective surgical procedures requiring anesthetic, downtime, sometimes a hospital stay and a financial commitment. If you exercise regularly, eat well, and are within range of your ideal weight – but still struggle with unwanted fat – COOLSCULPTING may be the solution.

Dr. Capizzi's patient Kacey receives treatment

Dr. Capizzi’s patient Kacey receives treatment

So What Exactly IS CoolSculpting? Developed by Harvard scientists and FDA-cleared, CoolSculpting is a non-surgical treatment that freezes away unwanted fat. A cooling panel is placed on the treatment area, targeting fat cells underneath the skin while leaving the skin itself unaffected. The body naturally disposes of the terminated fat cells within a 16 week period – but more expeditiously for Dr. Capizzi’s patients. Keep reading!

Stillwater’s CoolSculpting Approach Is Unique. Last year, Dr. Capizzi and one of his former Mayo Clinic residents, Dr. Jennifer Harrington of Minneapolis, collaborated on the development of advanced CoolSculpting treatment techniques. We’ve taken to calling it the Capizzi Method. Now, CoolSculpting is not unique to Stillwater Plastic Surgery, but this technique is. In 2014, the Capizzi Method produced results twice as fast as other protocols.

One of the authors of the Capizzi Method

One of the authors of the Capizzi Method

How Is the Capizzi Method Different?

  • Treatment Area: With the Capizzi Method, the CoolSculpting treatment area is precisely defined with the goal of impacting the MOST fat cells in a single visit.
  • Double Down: Like so many great offensive strategies, the Capizzi Method brings the full force of CoolSculpting to bear in a single treatment. This is entirely safe and highly effective.
  • Dual Machines: CoolSculpting results are all about the power of the fat-freezing CoolSculpting machine and R.N. technician. Stillwater has two CoolSculpting machines to support expedited service and results.
  • A Side of Botox: The Capizzi Method produces desired fat reduction in one treatment – not multiple be-backs. The hour-long procedure is painless. In fact, many patients are bored. Some scheduled Botox injections during CoolSculpting. As a result, we have formalized CoolSculpting with a Side of Botox at our lowest unit rate.
  • Décolletage Sculpting: After breast implant surgery, Drs. Capizzi and Harrington have discovered that CoolSculpting can safely an effectively be deployed to refine décolletage for a firm, but supple augmentation result.

At Stillwater Plastic Surgery, healthy, safe and natural outcomes are what matter most, whether you’ve chosen our practice for breast surgery, body contouring, anti-aging treatments or skincare products. The Capizzi Method produces the best, most reliable CoolSculpting results. Dr. Capizzi likes to turn disbelievers into fans. We’ve treated a number of former CoolSculpting patients, who were disappointment with the results achieved elsewhere. Today – sans beer bellies, muffin tops and love handles – they’re spreading the word about the CoolSculpting Capizzi Method at Stillwater.